Getting a ripped body of a werewolf requires gym time.

Taylor Lautner became popular as  the werewolf Jacob in the movie series “Twilight”. Taylor spent many hours in the gym to build the muscular physique required for the role.
When preparing for the sequel, Lautner initially worked out each day but he ended up cutting down on his weight. Taylor realized that he had to allow his body to recover and rest so he reduced the workout to 5 days in a week, This allowed Taylor to gain more than 30 pounds of lean muscles prior to filming “The Moon”.

As Taylor found out, too much gym time without sufficient recovery will produce poor results.
Taylor Lautner Workout

The Taylor Lautner Workout

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Before starting his workout, Taylor Lautner spend 5-10 mins on the treadmill to warm up, you should do the same.
Taylor Lautner Workout Monday Routine – Legs
Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Calf Raises 3 12  
2 Reverse Lunges 3 12  
3 Single Leg Squats 3 12  
4 Standing Long Jumps 3 12  
Taylor Lautner Workout  Tuesday Routine – Abs / Back
Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Abdominal crunches. 3 12  
2 Planks 3 12  
3 Hanging knee raises 3 12  
4 Wide grip pull-ups 3 12  
5 Dead lifts with dumbbells 3 12
6 Pull-downs 3 12

(As he is well known for his abs, he does a lot of work focusing on the abdominal region.)

Taylor Lautner Workout Thursday Routine – Shoulders / Chest
Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Push-Ups 3 12  
2 Dips 3 12  
3 Push-ups with feet on a Pilates ball 3 12  
4 Shoulder press with dumbbells 3 12  
5 Incline bench press with dumbbells 3 12
Taylor Lautner Workout Friday Routine – Arms
Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Bench dips 3 12  
2 Close grip push-ups 3 12  
3 Incline dumbbell curls 3 12  
4 Barbell curls 3 12  
5 Rope push-downs 3 12
taylor lautner workout routine diet plan


For Taylor’s diet, he focused fueling his body in 2 hours increments. On top of the traditional 3 meals, protein bars or protein shakes can be used in between to supplement the diet.

Sample Daily Diet;

Breakfast – oatmeal, egg whites or whole eggs, orange juice

Snack – Protein Shake

Lunch – turkey, chicken, albacore tuna, beef with vegetables, brown rice

Snack – Protein Bar

Dinner – broiled chicken or fish, salad and veggies


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